Ear Candles

This a North American Indian technique. Originally done to make peace with the spirit world. Western culture has now added a few ingredients and evolved the treatment a little more to create a natural ear syringe. It is still very peaceful, and calming, so will aid hyperactivity and sometimes even anxiety.


Primarily, I would recommend it as natural and very gentle way to clean the ears. If you suffer with excess wax, migraines, hay fever and even snoring, this might just be the treatment for you. As with all holistic practices, it can take more than one treatment to begin to clear an issue. You also need to bear in mind diet, emotional balance, stress, and exercise. These all have an impact on your health and how the body works.

With all my treatments, please do come in for a private, free of charge consultation and we can chat about how you're feeling, your symptoms and if the course of treatment might help.

One session £25

Course of 6 £135 (ideally one a week)

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